Carpark Management System

Dilu Technologies has enabled car park operators in Singapore to better manage their locations. Since late 90s when the Electronic Road Payment Pricing (ERP) System was implemented, car park management has been largely dependent on the same infrastructure for payment collection.

While ERP system is effective and reliable in payment collection, the system is less effective in what is important in car park management. For one, the operators have no visibility on the number plate of vehicles being parked inside, let alone the type, make, model and colour of those vehicles. Such information is proven to be essential when, for example, tailgating, theft, or car accidents happens inside the car park. It is also known to cause a lot of issues for Malaysian vehicles.

Dilu Technologies is determined to fill in the gap. We have developed our License Plate Recognition (LPR), or some call it Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system with large amount of Singapore and Malaysian vehicles. To date it has over 99.8% accuracy in indoor environment and over 98% accuracy in outdoor environment.

The Land Transport Authority has announced the upgrading of ERP infrastructure in the coming years, this has also produced a lot of uncertainty in the car park operator’s business. Dilu is also determined to develop an alternative car park fee payment system which can provide similar efficiency and reliability as the ERP infrastructure, but at a much lower cost.