Condo Management

Dilu Technologies acknowledges the painpoints in the condo manamgement industry. While the service expectation is extremely high, finding suitable and reliable security officers is very challenging and expensive. It is estimated that Singapore is facing a labour shortage of over 10,000 security personnel, and the rising cost of labour is taking the toll of many, especially less well funded MCST managers. 

Dilu Technologies has developed a cloud based solutions, called FACEIT to address this issues. Studies have shown that security guards typically spent over 50% of their work time on the following tasks: 1) Residents / Visitor Walk-In Access, 2) Residents / Visitor Vehicle Access and 3) Patrolling. FACEIT is deisgned to drastically improve the efficiency in these 3 areas. 

1) Walk-In Access

Dilu Technologies facial recognition terminal will be installed at main entrance and side gates. This will enable secured, contactless and seamless access for residents. Residents can send invitation to visitors, who will then be recorded in the cloud database. Upon arrival, the visitor will be able to use either QR code or face for temperary access, and the security officer will not have to spend 10 minutes taking down the visitor’s details. 

2) Vehicle Access

Dilu Technologies license plate recognition (LPR) system will be installed at the car park gantry. Unlike IU-base system that is inflexible and will only work for resident vehicles, Dilu LPR system is cloud based with a visitor vehicle management feature built in. Residents can initial requests for temperary access rights for his/her visitor’s vehicle. Upon arrival, the gantry will open automatically with an alert sent to the security guard that this is a registered visitor’s vehicle.

3) Patrolling

FACEIT has a built-in video analytic and alert system which will be very essential to assist security officers in the case of any undesirable events. Patrolling will be done with a specific purpose rather than aimless walk about. 

We believe Dilu FACEIT will be a great platform for your condo to safe cost, and at the same time bring residents and visitors convenience, security and efficiency. Contact us at +65 8866 8848 for more.