Office Management

Dilu Technologies is very experienced in office management systems based on facial recognition technologies. The benefits of our system over the traditional systems are summarized below:

1) FaceID Access

Facial Recognition Access, or FaceID Access system has a number of advantages over the traditional physical access cards system. Convenience is one obvious one, but the more important is security. Lost access cards create security loopholes as anyone in possession of the access card can go in and out of the office freely. In additional, physical cards issuance is costly and time consuming while FaceID enrollment can be done free of charge and quickly.

2) Attendance Taking

Attendance taking is a function built into our office management system. Employers will have access to full attendance report with insightful analytics. Data can be exported to be used in conjunction with HR and payroll software. 

3) Visitor Management

We have simplified the visitor management process for your business. With the introduction of our own FACEIT mobile APP and desktop application, you can send invitations to visitors with just a few clicks, and upon acknowledgement, the visitors information will be recorded in the cloud system. It is also optional to allow visitors to enter the premises temporarily with their own FaceID during the scheduled meeting time. 

4) Temperature Screening

Covid is a wake up call to us that health practice in workplace is essential. Our Facial Recognition solutions have built in, contactless temperature screening functionality, which is very important efforts for us to help our community combat Covid and make our work place safe.