Retail Management

Dilu Technologies provide video analytics solutions to retail shops managers to enhance their operational productivities. Here are some of the most popular use cases.

Foot Fall Statistics

Footfall numbers are important to both new and old shops. It provides an important insights of the potential of the products and services our clients offers. Our solutions provide footfall numbers as well as the estimation of the age group, gender distribution, and presented as time series data. 

Shop Monitor

For some managers who are in charge of 10s or even 100s of retail shops, it is very challenging for them to monitor the shops physically. We provide a video analytic solutions to mointor the shop with pre-set rules, e.g. staffs engagement time etc. so that the manager can monitor the retails shops at ease with the help of our technologies. 


Heatmap Analysis allows our clients to identify the most suitable products to place at a certain shelf. In the case studies on the left, Area G has the highest human traffic and yet the sales figure is extremely low, which suggests probably we should replace the current product with one with high conversion. And a product at Area C is exactly that. With very low foot traffic in Area C, the conversion rate is almost 30%. Heatmap Analysis can do a lot more than this.