Traffic Management

Dilu Technologies provides a range of Traffic Management Video Analytics solutions, and here are a few use cases:

Dilu Technologies has introduced a traffic monitoring system for busy roads. The system incorporates speed detection devices (e.g. mmWave Radar) with our video analytic systems. We are able to map vehicles in view into our traffic model, with location and velocity recorded in the system. This helps traffic authorities and operators of large open space to monitor the moving vehicles much better.


An extension to the system is automatic summons issuance system by traffic police for speeding, illegal stopping and parking.


PMD or portable mobility devices have been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons many times since 2017. Effective ways to monitor the use of such devices on the roads and footpaths are essential. Here is what we have.


Dilu Technologies assists airport operators in real time monitoring moving planes, vehicles and ground staffs. With our video analytic capabilities, the system will alert the operators for something that is out of the ordinary so that pre-cautionary measures can be taken in advance.